Saturday, October 23, 2010

The begining.

Hey, i just think that i should make this blog even though i really don't know what should i write in here..and i not even familiar how this thing(blog) work we get trough this someday...hehehe..oh, maybe i should tell you a litle about what im doing rite now..hmm i just in the middle of doing a comission for some one to redesign her "H" character here is the outline still in progres to colour it..

Recently, i been participated in some local art/comic forum where they discus about malaysian comic,animaion etc what got me interested me in joing them is because they also do the redesign for  superhero character. where we are given i week to produced a redesign of famous character they pick randomly from certain comic or movie and i here i have send mine to the battle. check it out.